My Favorite Luxury Home Shops

How luxury home shops inform my budget-friendly home style.

Image Credit: Gaelle Marcel 

There is something you should know about me: I am a creature of many interests, few of which actually stick. The list of hobbies I dip in and out of is lengthy. However, one halfway useful pastime that has been consistent throughout the years is my regular perusal of home goods websites. I like the luxury ones – you know the ones I mean: the online shops that sell tea towels for $28 apiece.

Now, before you get the wrong idea, let me be clear, my purchases from these shops are well thought out and fairly infrequent. Of course, if there is a 40% off sale going on, I tend to take advantage of the “under $50” section; I mean, I’m only human. That being said, the main purpose of my regular virtual visits to these businesses is purely research based. As a budget-minded interior design fangirl, I collect valuable data from the beautiful marketing campaigns and newly available items and use this information for my own selfish means.

Looking past the price tags enables me to identify upcoming trends and confirm timeless design components. Having insight into the high-end pricing of certain items is useful when I come across similar goods in more budget-friendly shops. Frequent scrolling through these design laden pages also keeps me up-to-date on when the items I covet most slide further and further down the discount scale.

Home styling inspiration in the form of color combination, seasonal decor, furniture placement and more awaits. Find my favorite luxury home online shops below.

Image Credit: Terrain


Terrain is one of the bigger shops on my list. It’s my go-to for dreamy, botanical-dotted styling.

Image Credit: June Home Supply

June Home Supply

June Home Supply goods encompass the classically beautiful, muted-tone color palette that I live for.

Image Credit: Schoolhouse


Schoolhouse is all about creating goods worthy of becoming “the new family heirlooms.” I dig what they are putting out and love their ideas section.

Image Credit: Food52 Shop

Food52 Shop

The Food52 Shop is my happy place. Their curation of goods warrants the phrase “on point.”

Image Credit: McGee & Co.

McGee & Co.

The McGee & Co. Holiday Edit, in particular, is always magical and provides me with endless amounts of inspiration for holiday styling.