More Of A Hot Mess Than Usual

Our home search update.

Image Credit: Derek Torsani 

Many apologies for falling off of the face of the earth. The short explanation is that I have been more of a hot mess than usual, planning and prepping for our upcoming move. That makes it sound like we have actually made the leap and purchased a house. Not yet the case, girl. We have however settled on the area we will be moving to and I think it will be a surprise to many.

Given my track record of recklessly declaring a new hometown to all before bashfully backtracking weeks later, I will be withholding the big reveal until everything is signed, sealed, and delivered. Lucky for you, we only have nine weeks (NINE WEEKS!) to get it together and make the biggest purchase of our lives. Therefore, the big reveal (or humiliating failure) is just around the corner.

I’m thinking of showing snippets of our home search and future hometown on Instagram in the coming weeks, so stay tuned…and pray for me.