Indecisive Adult Wannabes

Too hesitant to function.

I would like to preface this post by assuring you that Mr. DoH and I always plan with the purest of intentions. That being said, we didn’t go on our much hyped northeast home search last week. Inclement weather was the main factor in forgoing our scheduled journey. When all bookings were cancelled, Mr. DoH revealed that he preferred warmer climates, like those of Arizona or Texas, better anyway. In response, I thought to myself “yeah, Austin would be cool.”


How do real adults make decisions? Even though we are well into our thirties, I feel like we are still in the aspirational phase; we aspire to be fully functioning adults. We’ve got all of the basics more or less covered: paying our bills on time, keeping our pets alive, feeding ourselves healthy-ish food, etc. It’s the big decision-making we haven’t completely grasped yet, like deciding where we want to live.

Wherever we end up (let me know if you have any clue!), I will bring this little blog along for the undoubtedly bumpy ride. I have high hopes that by summertime, I will be posting about decor decisions we are making in our new home; keep your fingers crossed for me, girl. Until then, you are welcome to read about what a hot mess I am and other things I’m getting into (hint: some of my favorite recipes will be posted in the near future). For now, I’m just going to focus on what I do best: baking cookies.