Holiday Home Prep: Part Two

My Favorite Home Finds Under $50

Photo by Anita Austvika 

It’s October. Halloween is weeks away. Why should you be at all concerned with holiday home preparations? I’ll tell you why: because you are not a procrastinator!

You want to have it all set ahead of time, so that when mid-November rolls around you have your holiday life together and can enjoy the seasonal festivities.

You want to kick back and nibble on a cookie, while others are scrambling to search for the appropriate baked goods recipes and supplies. You want to have your new holiday decor items pre-purchased and secure in your home, while others fret about not being able to find a matching set of stockings at Home Goods. You want to have your freezer stocked with Trader Joe’s frozen puff pastry, while others are displaying barbaric behavior in the freezer aisle to acquire the last box.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska

Now, I want to be clear, I view the holidays as a magical time of year to focus on quality time with loved ones; it’s not all about material things to me. However, I would be lying if I told you that my annual holiday home purchases didn’t give me a little buzz. It’s not my fault, it’s biological! Everybody knows that your dopamine levels rise when you shop, girl.

I think I have explained my early holiday home prep reasons well enough. If this is still all too off putting for you to handle so early, you go take care of yourself, girl. If you’re still with me, read on for my favorite holiday home finds under $50:

Image Credit: Food52

Nordic Ware Wheat & Pumpkin Loaf Pan

For those who want to dress their pumpkin loaves to impress.

Image Credit: Target

Decorative Brass Tray

A shining accompaniment to a tablescape and useful throughout the year, too. I love a versatile buy.

Image Credit: West Elm

Marble + Brass 2-Tier Cake Stand

To showcase your holiday treats. Edible decor is very in.

Image Credit: Target

Embroidered Trees Velvet Oversize Square Throw Pillow

A holiday-themed pillow that isn’t too kitschy.

Image Credit: Terrain

Metal Star Wreath

Celestial shapes have the power to woo me. This wreath would be a perfect base for a DIY.

Image Credit: Terrain

Velvet Globe Ornament

Other velvet items on my wish list include velvet pants and velvet loafers; these are cheaper.

Image Credit: The White Company

Marble Star Candlestick Holder

A marble + star combo has the power to woo me, squared.

Image Credit: CB2

Flake Velvet White Stocking

Yes, more velvet. A pattern has emerged.

Image Credit: CB2

Surface Emerald Green Platter

Decorative and functional. Another versatile buy.

I tried my best to include a fair amount of Thanksgiving appropriate decor items in the mix but I need to live in my truth: Christmas decor is where it’s at.