Hibernation Rehabilitation

Post holiday break re-emergence.

Oh, hey. Did I just drop off of the face of the earth for the past three weeks? My bad. I have a tendency to go into hibernation mode from late December into early March. However, lucky for you, I came out of my cold weather safe space early this year due to the mild desire to become a more dependable internet being. (Note: I am already a very dependable “in the world” being, but I find taking this trait into online format a touch unnatural. Bear with me, girl.)

Happy New Year, by the way! I possess a deep dislike for the hubbub of New Years Eve and even though I know that “new year, new me” (or, to be more current: “new year, same me”) is a relatively meaningless phrase, I liked the idea of a fresh start in 2020. I am organizing my life, bit by bit, on this first month of a new decade and honey, it feels right.

I just realized I have no focused topic of discussion for this post. In essence: I’m back. The first Friday Favorites of the year will be up this week. Also, I started Yoga With Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga. (I know, this kind of goes against my not overdoing it goal that I set back in November, but my limbs are loose and I’m having a good time.)