Friday Favorites: Well Rounded

A weekly round-up of recent discoveries.

Image Credit: MQuan Studio

Thrown Bells – MQuan Studio
Add one (or three) of these beautiful, ornamental, ceramic thrown bells to my wish list. The celestial and striped ones have me swooning.

Cheer – Netflix
My only connection to cheerleading was the summer before freshman year of high school, when one of my closest friends and I spent a whole weekend trying out for the team. (Or squad? Obviously, I didn’t make the cut; my embarrassingly poor attempts at completing a cartwheel might have had something to do with it.) Although my ties to the sport are thin, I was glued to the screen watching the Cheer docuseries. Mr. DoH was disappointed that I binged it without him, citing his affinity for “Americana.”

Image Credit: The Mint Gardener

Sarah Simon (@themintgardener)
The Mint Gardener inspired me to start painting a few months ago. Even though I only possess a beginner skillset, the process of painting is so soothing that I am always looking forward to the moments when I can set aside time to put paintbrush to paper.