Friday Favorites: The Joy of Missing Out

A weekly round-up of recent discoveries.

Image Credit: Diego Vicente 

If You Don’t Want to Have Kids, You Don’t Have to Want a Career Instead
I have gone back and forth in my mind considering whether to write a post with this exact sentiment; now I don’t have to.

Image Credit: Swabdesign_official 

These Hacks Make It Easy to Style Your Bed on the Floor
I hate a bed that is high off of the ground; it just makes me uncomfortable, girl. For years I have had my mattress and boxspring stacked on the floor (a Mr. DoH suggestion) and I love it. I’m going to work these tips in to make my comfortable bed set-up even dreamier.

Image Credit: Ellieelien 

The Joy of Missing Out and the Difficult Art of Doing Less
Upon finishing this article I thought “and here I was thinking I was doing something wrong.” I find the most joy in fairly simple things. In a world that tells me I need to do more, want more, have more it is nice to know that I actually don’t.

Playing With Fire
Keeping with the joy of missing out theme, Mr. DoH and I watched the Playing With FIRE documentary this week. The focus of the film is the FIRE movement: Financial Independence Retire Early. Highly recommended viewing.

Image Credit: Terrain

How To Design Your Own Wreath with Terrain’s Fillable Form
I love a wreath, especially a winter-themed one. Winter colors are just my vibe, girl. This Terrain styled wreath has it all. Deep greens, hints of purple, a little copper accent; I’m living for all of that.