Friday Favorites: Pro Tips

A weekly round-up of recent discoveries.

The 10 Best Tips Of Vogue’s Beauty Secrets Videos
There was a time when I wore make-up all day, every day. At this point in my life, I only apply make-up maybe once or twice a month, but honey, I still live for a beauty secret.

Fresh Herb Falafel
Cooking is my jam and I like to think that I’m rather good at it. However, the thought of oil frying truly intimidates me. This recipe might be the one to push me to overcome my fear.

Surface Clean
I am a big proponent of the “clean as much as you can in x amount of time” approach to home tidying. This surface clean challenge can easily become a positive habit that leaves my home drastically more organized in only three minutes a day. I’m in.

How Do You Use a French Press? Let Us Count the Ways
Few things are more exciting to me than learning little secrets to get more than I bargained for out of an everyday household item. Be right back, I have to go infuse some olive oil with flavors of lemon and chili pepper.