Friday Favorites: Curation and Transformation

A weekly round-up of recent discoveries.

Cozy Weekends Curator

I’ve been getting a kick out of this adorable cozy weekends curator on Food52. I always choose the “Chill and Relax” option because those are my two favorite default modes.

Image Credit: Roanna Wells

Roanna Wells Paintings

A custom work from Roanna Wells is on my ultimate wish list. Fortunately, while I’m working on bulking up my bank account, I can purchase one of her prints. The trouble is deciding on which one.

Photo by: Craig Tidball

Church to Home Transformation

This NYT article on transforming an 1823 church, without a bathroom, into a stunning home was an enjoyable read and the photos are just plain dreamy.

Image Credit: MoMa Design Store

Bulbing Bloom Table Lamp

We all know I love a light fixture that doubles as an art piece. Add an optical illusion to the mix and I have no choice but to include it in my list of coveted items.

Photo by: Jason Leung 

Holiday Weekend Home Sales

No pressure: but there are sales everywhere this weekend. If you so choose to indulge in a purchase or two, check out this little guide for a good handful of promo codes. As we all know, your dopamine levels rise when you shop, girl.