Friday Favorites: Calm, Clean, and Green

A weekly round-up of recent discoveries.

Image Credit: Julien Lanoy 

Yoga With Adriene’s Home – 30 Days of Yoga
I have attempted Yoga With Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga in the past and only made it to day 11 before bowing out ungracefully because I didn’t want to do it anymore. I have taken a day-by-day approach this time and I find myself really enjoying it. Per Adriene’s advice, I am simply showing up for myself everyday. Also, this year’s theme is home, AKA: my essence.

Image Credit: Daiga Ellaby

18 Household Uses for White Vinegar
In 2019, I discovered the power of white vinegar on towels past their prime. Since then, I found myself curious about what other wonders this magical, inexpensive little liquid can perform. I cannot wait to try these vinegar solutions out. I will report back.

Image Credit: James Balensiefen

Winter Garden Tips from Stone Barns Center
Every January, without fail, I am ready for it to be May. I can’t wait to spend warm days in the garden (wherever that garden may be), planting and harvesting food that I have grown myself. Maybe if I employ some of these gardening tips next winter, the time between January and May won’t feel like an eternity.