Friday Favorites: Books, Shelves, and Lightbulbs

A weekly round-up of recent discoveries.

Image Credit: IKEA

Ikea Billy Bookcase Hacks

Built-in bookshelves are dreamy, expensive, and I want them. I want a lot of other things, too. (I also practice gratitude.) These Ikea hacks make my built-in bookshelf goals actually seem borderline achievable, while potentially leaving me with enough funds leftover to pay bills and stuff.

Image Credit: Amazon

The Idiot by Elif Batuman

When I finished reading the last page of this book, I wanted to start it all over again. It is light, funny, and incredibly well-written. It has earned placement at the top of my list of favorite reads ever. If you need a break from the heavy memoirs and twisting thrillers, this one is a good bet.

Image Credit: Jen P. 

10 Scandinavian Words

As a self-described Scandiphile, I found scrolling through this list of Scandinavian words highly entertaining and educational. The introvert in me strongly identifies with gruglede: a Norwegian word used to express feeling a combination of excitement and dread when thinking of an upcoming event.

Image Credit: West Elm

West Elm’s Local Artists Collaborative

I rediscovered the Local Makers section of the West Elm website this week. It’s an enjoyable scroll and a very effective wish list expander. I found this Nickel Designs doormat particularly amusing.

Image Credit: Vera Cho

How To Clean Your Lightbulbs

In my 30-something years on this earth, I have never once thought about cleaning a lightbulb. This article has enlightened me greatly. Be right back, I have to go polish my lightbulbs and make them smell like eucalyptus.