Foraging for Fall Decor

How I refresh my space for the season, without breaking the bank.

Photo by Evie S.

Creeping on my neighbors’ front door decor, feeling the crisp breeze caress my face, observing the leaves as they transition in color: you know I live for a fall moment. Lately, my new favorite pastime has been foraging for nature’s seasonal gifts during my daily walks with the pup or weekly hikes with the hubs. Finding a perfect acorn or a pristine maple leaf provides me with a feeling of gratification akin to finding the perfect sweater on sale while online shopping.

Photo by Milada Vigerova

Of course, I do not typically find any pumpkins in the brush on my walks, so I supplement with garden center purchases, as necessary. I find no issue with classifying my garden center (or grocery store) purchases as foraging, in this case. Seeing as I take great care to search for the highest quality goods in those circumstances, as well.

Photo by Annie Spratt

You may be asking yourself what it is that I do with my wealth of foraging finds: I combine them with home goods I already happen to own to create simple, inexpensive, and breathtaking seasonal home decor.

My favorite foraged fall displays tend to be the most simple: a few small branches of fall foliage in a bud vase, a bunch of dried wheat in a pitcher, a bowl full of mini white pumpkins, or a basket of apples. The possibilities are plentiful when it comes to creating your own; whether from foraged treasures, seasonal plants and produce from your local market, or a combination thereof.

Happy foraging, friends!